Really dumb question

I purchased Rhino for my business, the business needed some quick prototypes to get going so I have not hired a CAD person yet…so I learned how to use it myself to get drawings done to import into CAM software.

I’ve done quite well with it but there is one thing I just don’t get. Since I am looking at what I am drawing as if it were on the table of my CNC machine, when I look at my drawing in Rhino in the Top view I expect it to be the real top of my piece.

But when I add say Text to the top of the piece in the top view it is actually on the bottom in the other 3 views.

There I did it :slight_smile:

Change the cplane to be on top of the part and type there. In the standard top view the cplane is world top - the same as in perspective view.

Just to expand…every view in Rhino has a “construction plane” where every point you click and everything you add “lands” unless overridden by a snap. By default, they’re oriented about the world origin, so yep odds are the text will be on the “bottom” of your part. They can be moved, myself I don’t usually bother unless I need to draw something on some funny angle.

Thanks for the help. I am sure that for the professional user there is a good reason for this but I am not grasping why the top view is really the bottom, it does import correctly to the CAM software it is just a mental thing for me

Well it’s the Top “view,” not the Top of your part. The “construction plane” where everything goes doesn’t move around based on the size of your object, the top of your part could be anywhere.

Yes I am beginning to see that especially after watching the video. I guess my real question then becomes - "is it possible to set the top view to make more sense to me without messing up how the CAM program sees the import?

Assuming I understand what the problem is, it sounds like you want z=0 to be at the top of your part instead of at the bottom. If that is what you want you can move the part down in Rhino until the top is at z=0. Since text objects always end up at z=0 any text you create will then be at the same level as the top of the part.


That works! Thanks for the help everyone.