RealDrawings Layout plugin missing options?

I installed the Realdrawing plugin a while back. In the video on Food4Rhino, it shows icons and features that I don’t have. See pics.
F4R video.

My Layouts

Hi - Looks like you are running the initial public release version 1.0.7030.16466 - which is what is available on F4R. The latest on github is version 1.0.7038.31206.
Note that this project won’t be developed anymore as a stand-alone plug-in; it is part of Rhino 7 now and all new features are developed there.

Thanks Wim, but that is the version I have.

Hi - I don’t know which version was used to make that video. For up-to-date features of that plug-in, you will have to use the Rhino 7 WIP.

i seem to have the same problem.
I cant use WIP as the base for developing a workflow. I hope you found a solution?