Real window opening in plastering

Hello everyone,

I try to become familiar into V-ARQ (SolidWorks and Rhino user). For me BIM only makes sense drawing directly in finished size. When I implement windows in a wall with three layers (plaster-brick-plaster) a horizontal section will deliver a wrong result because the opening will end at the plastering and not at the brick (bare brickwork drawing). To see the real opening I´ve to define the windows smaller but the result in the horizontal section will be not correct too. So far as I know there are solutions in other programmes to show windows and doors in mounted state. To have the opportunity to define a kind of play would be smart too. Is there a workaround or didn’t I just find the right adjustment tools?
Thanks for help!

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Hi Dirk,
Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to make wall layers wrap at opening frames, as you describe in this example. I’ll let you know when we implement this feature in future versions.

Wall closure option by VA is too simple. They are just ‘nothing than better’ for real project. That’s why we don’t use VA wall tool and window tool for exterior walls. We use our own customized wall style and window style for exterior walls instead.

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Dear Archist97,

this sounds interesting. Is there a possibility you might share those styles?


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