Real time rendering

I’d love to see a real time rendering solution be the “default” rendering solution for Rhino going forward. Is it Neon? Cycles? or…

IMHO- real time rendering should be the default, and the non real time should all be plug in options-

We may or may not get there in the V6 timeframe. Since I have no idea when V6 will ship, I can’t say whether we will have any of this ready.

However - that is essentially the plan.

Awesome news Andy, I really appreciate your efforts on this stuff- I get the feeling the whole neon thing has been a challenge but the work there so far is really promising. In a perfect world where all those challenges are overcome, I’m really excited to see what comes next in this area…As always If I can be any help or if you want to bounce ideas, don’t hesitate to ping me-


Are you implementing Cycles in a way that will be usable in Mac Rhino? Please do so!!! I’m having a rough time understanding our game plan for rendering on the Mac side and I have a feeling the Rhino Cycles project will be awesome!!!

Can it be implemented using Python for cross platform support?

It is my understanding that Python is implemented using Mono and Mono is not yet complete on OS X… Am I confused?

I doubt python has anything to do with Cycles at the low levels of implementation.

I’m guessing that since cycles is being written against the Serengeti SDK, it would be a pretty large effort to get it to work with the initial release of Mac Rhino. The initial release of Mac Rhino is based on the V5 source. I’m not saying it is impossible, it is probably just a lot of extra effort.

I see… so it’s more involved than just Python being cross platform already, it’s how Rhino uses it too which I guess needed to be with Mono. It’s all greek to me, just trying to reduce the rendering pain on the Mac Rhino side!

I was thinking of Blender Cycles which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and I know Python is used in Blender dev.

You’re only a little confused. The python implementation that we use is dependent on Mono. We do ship Mono with Mac Rhino so python scripts do actually run on Mac Rhino.

Yes, Mono is not yet complete on OSX and specifically where we are waiting on the Xamarin team is with respect to the access to the native user interface widgetry on OSX. This is the number one item on their Mac roadmap

Cycles will be an RdkCommon client. As a result, there is no way it will,work on Mac Rhino when it initially ships.

??? I hope we aren’t creating a new assembly called RdkCommon. All RDK .NET functionality should be part of RhinoCommon since it really is part of the core SDK.

yuck… this sounds like I’ll be apologizing a lot. Better one version than no versions though!

Nope. Shorthand for RDK functionality in RhinoCommon

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V6 won’t be out until 2018, since you guys have plenty to do before that. So Andy, you’ve got time.