Real-Time Lumion/LumenRT Visualization option for Rhino?

I have been noticing these interesting architectural visualization programs that work well with sketchup, but not with Rhino. Is there a Rhino option that I am overlooking? I don’t wish to use Maya as that is cumbersome. What is great about Lumion and LumenRT is that they are so easy to make professional looking visualization movies from a basic model. Please let me know if there are any options I am overlooking. I am a student so I don’t have thousands for the top of the line stuff either.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Erik,

I wasn’t familiar with the application you mentioned. Some of this stuff can be done now in Rhino 5’s display modes and some of the features would require a free plugin like Neon. The Brazil for Rhino rendering plugin can also be used with Neon to extend the options. With that said, some of the features like animated people for instance are not something I’d suggest Rhino is good at. RPC objects are supported though for static people.

I think looking at what is possible in customized display modes is the place to start. Use the Sun, Materials, Environments and Display panels. If you have specific questions about a feature just let us know.

Simlab Composer has realtime rendering in the Rendering and Animation versions. Its reasonably priced, but does not have all the functionality of the LumenRT app.

I thought at one point Simlab was using the LumenRT engine, but now I don’t see any mention of it on their site.

Brian take a look at what it does it’s pretty cool. I wish Rhino supported this

LumenRT is a complete system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive media.
With LumenRT you can:

Surround your designs with thousands of plants, vehicles, animals and characters
Perform lighting and time of day studies
Create HD videos and stills of your projects
Package designs into immersive LiveCubes™ to share with clients and colleagues
Author directly in the leading CAD, CG and GIS systems
Do all of this with a single button click – nothing to learn!


Thanks RM,

I did check it out briefly. I don’t know when or if Rhino will ever have more of these features natively. The cost of both products RT/LightCube plus the maintenance is about two times Rhino’s cost. It is a specific application for a specific purpose whereas Rhino does many things in many industries. I don’t know of any McNeel development projects to create something like this and wouldn’t want to set the incorrect expectations by saying we’d think about it. There are, like I mentioned, a few things that you can already do in Rhino that I’m seeing here but also many you can’t. It’s certainly an opportunity for a plugin developer though. You might try lobbying the developers of this to write a Rhino plugin just to see if they plan to. I’m not sure what that cost would be of course since it’s already as much as Rhino.

Simlab uses Luxion’s engine, IIRC - and Luxion is the company behind Keyshot.

HTH, Jakob