Real life product design examples made in Rhino

One of my larger Injection Molding Designs - 100% Rhinoceros 4.0


These were modelled in Rhino and then produced using the CNC.

Thanks denbutler. WIll think of Rhino any time I see some road construction : )

Did you go straight from Rhino to the toolmakers?
Or did you have to use another software in-between?

Looks great! Like the tiles on the rooftops :smile:

@CBecks - The toolmaker that made the mold likes step files - in this case.
Another great feature in Rhino - It can export so many file-types.

To me, while I appreciate the use to which Rhino and Grasshopper were put here, it’s one of those just-because-you-can-doesn’t-mean-you-should projects!


yep, impressive, but is it necessary or adding value to the world. Maybe something good will emerge from it in the future, who knows :slight_smile:

There’s Pinarello.


Pretty much every piece of hardware in this range was designed in Rhino:


And even a video going over the features of various parts:

CRX Overview

In the watersports industry Rhino would be most popular 3D modelling tool, followed by Solid Works. There are also a couple of dedicated packages, SurfPlan for kitesurfing kite design and Shape3D for surfboard/SUP/Windsurf board design.




Wait a minute… Do I spot a Solidworks background in that last picture? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah - you might be right there - I did the bar ends and centre fitting in Rhino/Tsplines, but another member of the team did an assembly in SW with the tubes.


There’s POC.


Stellar! Such a strong and clean shape.
It looks like pure Nurbs modelling and not Tsplines, am I right?
And do you use any other modelling plugions?

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philocat ena


My latest - kiteboarding quick release for


It’s so nice to see so many great projects done with Rhino by experienced modelers and designers! :slight_smile:

Sin R1.

My co-worker designed with 3ds Max the original Sin R1 prototype in 2012. It had plenty of wavy areas typical for mesh modeling, and glued plexyglass door windows. A year later I joined the company for 2,5 months and redesigned the cabin of the car and the side skirts (rocker panels) with Rhino 4. I also did some improvements on the chassis. The original front end was very long, so I had to cut and remove some areas off the existing 3d mesh front fenders and rear clamshell to make the car appear longer, as a proper cab-forward design, and in conjunction with my NURBS model. There were too many limitations (including narrow straight front windshield and requirement to use flat door glasses to keep the cost down), so the overall design is not good. I left the company before doing a completely new design for the front and rear, because the company’s owner was a d**k. :slight_smile:

Before (fully designed with 3ds Max by my co-worker):

After (middle of the car made with Rhino 4 by me; my co-worked did a redesign of the rear bumper with 3ds Max):


First release video is up. (No the animation was not done in Rhino…)

My work…(at some point of life)…
Lots of iterations in Rhino and Grasshopper but final touch (the twist) using progressive CageEdit.

The crown for jacuzzi had a better idea, diamond pattern, lost in manufacturing
PS images not mine


Spotted this one today:

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Ok, so this comment made me go and look, and holy shit:

I knew they used Alias from the Samsung v Apple lawsuit where pictures clearly showed the Alias interface and even their patch layout, but Rhino is new… I wonder what lawsuit will reveal some Rhino images in the future? :smiley:

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