Real life product design examples made in Rhino

don’t forget when this was stated publicly.

A terrible time to criticize a famous friend of a even more (in)famous friend.

Turned out to be better than anything else I could find, once I could get through the UI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thanks for the tip :blush:

I’ve got that utensil set! Nice!

Ah cool man, where did you buy it?

Anthropology sold them.

I did all the technical surfacing on the TransAm Worldwide 455 Super Duty using Rhino3D and VSR(Autodesk) Shape. The concept model was done by someone else, but all that was provided was a sub-d mesh model which did not really fit the actual car geometry, so a lot of the job involved not just technical surfacing, but doing lots of re-interpreting that art to fit the donor cars. Everything forward of the doors is totally new. The rear bumper and decklid are of course heavily modified as well. Was very challenging but a whole lot of fun! I think @Stratosfear helped on this one too iirc.



Beautiful model!
And probably a monumental effort, I guess?

Thanks! It was uh…Type 2 fun at times.

Stunning model work as always Sky, you fiercely talented monster…

did they actually sell any of them?

I think they did the full run, which was like 30 or 50 units!

musta been the amazing surfacing work that sold em… :wink:

Ehhhh I mean, the surfacing was ahhhhhmazing :rofl: but something tells me that’s not what appeals to that particular customer base…

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My first ever surfboard, flax fiber over XPS foam core. Board and fins designed in Rhino/Tsplines and CNC cut on my flat bed router.

Finished on Saturday, used it 4 times this week already, super fun board at my local beach break.



(Pink HD pvc foam block is for the hydrofoil mount. Part of my ‘day job’ is designing watersports Hydrofoils for Airush/AK durable supply co)


Man this made me smile, Nice twin!

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How does it surf? Look very nice!

Thanks mate, 10 sessions/8.5 hours on it so far and very very happy.

I built it as my small wave/beach break board - a bump catcher - and it does that perfectly. Tight turns on these wide tail/keel finned boards takes time to master but I’m getting there.



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Oh I so have to agree with this. :rofl:

Oh So Nice

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Here is the Colombo home phone that we designed back in 2008. It’s a little old now, but was designed by using Rhino:

It’s manufactured and distributed by SGW Global:


Hey, I remember that one! Beautiful product :+1: From back when there was still money to be made designing DECT phones for the masses :joy: