Reading Section Modulus Moment of Inertia in Rhino for Dummies !?

Hello everyone,

Can someone help me on reading this moment of ly and lx inertia values at cm4 unit ?
I am working on mm unit and normally I decrease 4 decimals to get cm4 which works on -lx value as you may see 2.621 cm4 but on -ly it is quite confusing that whether it is 1.430 cm4 or 14.309 cm4 additionally it has too many decimals with even e+8.
The separation points on that area moments table are illogical to me.

I also have the same problem in grasshopper as I decrease the decimals by e+8 of both axises to get cm4 one of the axis inertia value the decimals can become an inaccurate value by just 1 decimal.
Sometimes I estimate the values by myself by comparing similar geometry but if I run into an enormous sections I cant make an accurate estimation as it will not be a true way to estimate instead ensured everytime.

Please tell me why it is tricky to read because I’m not an engineer or what… :slight_smile:

Is that too much of a hard question or I’m seeking an answer out at the wrong place ?

Exponent is incorrect above;
250,000,000 = 2.5 * 10^8 = 2.5e+08 = 0.25 * 10^9 = 0.25e+09