Reading point cloud files

Osuir, @dale,

Is the format of your point cloud XYZRGB with each line looking something like this:
-123.456 234.954 678.943 156 255 78

If so could you please try the following Python script for importing your cloud?
We have developed it to be faster than Rhino’s Import tool and it may work for your cloud.
It comes with a DLL that you can download and put on your computer but it will still
work if the DLL is not installed. We find it to be 5X faster than Rhino Import without the DLL
and 15X faster with the DLL. But it has only been test on a few of our test cases so we would
appreciate your input. (7.8 KB)

Link to DLL if you want to try it:


Hi @Terry_Chappell,

I’ve moved this to a new post, as it has nothing to do with .e57 formatted files.

Rhino’s points file importer is pretty inefficient. It reads a file, line by line, and does a bunch of parsing. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to produce a faster one, as you have demonstrated.

– Dale