Reading notes from multiple files in GH

I am relying on your kindness here.

I need a custom solution that can read notes from multiple RH files

Sort of this kind of workflow:

I have posted this problem before with a tip to read the files ‘per line’ but I couldn’t find notes and the process of searching is tedious.
Can anyone help?

I have no clue how this is done with multiple referenced files at once but for one file this here would work:

Hi Martin
We have talked before :slight_smile: about it.
Can you post for that single solution?
As a workaround I could run it as many times as there are files in a folder.

Yes I thought this topic sounds familiar :slight_smile:

box_with_attributes.3dm (26.9 KB) (3.5 KB)

This will scan a folder for .3dm files and see if they contain notes. (6.9 KB)


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Hi Kev
This is EXACTLY the solution I was looking for:

Item 2 of the branch is essential.
Thanks!. I really appreciate your effort.

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Hi Martin
Your solution works, but on an open file only (am I correct here?). If you think about 1000 files in a folder it starts to be tricky.
Many thanks anyway.

Hi Kev
If I could be really picky here:
At the moment I have 201 files which of the 189 has notes, You solution finds only those with notes.
Is it possible to include all the files in the search and leave item two blank if there are no notes at all?

Simple change. (9.1 KB)


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Oh Man, you rock.
I made a solution to track files without notes to fill them up but your solution is brilliant.

Thanks again!