Reading folder/unsupported file path using CRhinoGetFileDialog


I am trying to let the user pick a folder or some kind of files that are not within the ones supported by Rhino. I am using the CRhinoGetFileDialog class, as it’s enough with the returned path. The problem is that dialog only lets the user pick some defined set of file types, and it doesn’t let the user pick folders.

I’ve been experimenting by changing the file_dialog_type parameter, but none of the combinations that I’ve tried. I guess I have to use the “custom” argument, but in that case the dialog doesn’t even show. I am not sure if it’s possible to achieve this functionality using that class (or some other Rhino built-in method), or I should use something like a custom Windows dialog.

I am using Rhino 6 C++ SDK.



Hi Pau,

If CRhinoGetFileDialog doesn’t work for you, then just use CFileDialog.

– Dale