Reading files from Network Share Bug

Continuing this thread in the old forum from 2015:

It appears that 4 years and one major version of Rhino later and Grasshopper not being beta any longer, it is still simply NOT CAPABLE of reading a file from a network attached storage like literally any other software out there. Even Grasshopper files themselves can reside on a file server as they do in our case.

But once you set for example a txt file (as in the thread above) or even worse you dare to try and set an image in the image sampler that is on a network share, you will have a problem. Both Rhino and Grasshopper completely freeze for at least 1 minute. If you try to force quite Rhino you will still have to wait that 1 minute at the very least.

Come on, its 2019 and NAS and other file servers have been a thing for the last 20 years and here we are in 2019 and I still have to copy files to my desktop first so I can use them in Grasshopper. What gives?

Dunno, I don’t see such dramatic slowdowns with our NAS:

Same file, a little over 10k lines saved in 444kb CSV

Maybe a network configuration issue?

Yeah, but its weird that there would be an issue. We use so many different programs on both mac and windows on several machines and all our data is on the file server which is connected directly to all computers in the LAN. Nothing fancy there. I have never had any issue what so ever opening a file in any other software. Rhino opens all 3dm files from the server fine. Grasshopper loads all gh files from the server just fine. Literally the only place that its a problem is inside Grasshopper when reading a text file or loading an image in the image sampler.

David Rutten actually made a simpler version of the file reader that is in the thread on the old forum, which mitigates the problem and works fine even from the network. But the image sampler doesn’t have that option sadly.

ps: I think the image sampler needs a rework anyways. Why can’t it just be a normal component where I input an image and some UV coordinates and have all the other options as inputs. I don’t understand…

I don’t see problems loading in the image sampler from the same NAS either:

Pretty much instant loading of a 2048x1024, 7.2MB PNG (AC Gava Bath hdr resaved as png)

I’m working here with Grasshopper from v6, in case that matters.

Hm, now I am intruiged what we are doing differently that chokes up Grasshopper but no other software so far!?

The file server is a Mac Mini running OS X and Server. The storage is a Promise Pegasus2 R4 running Raid 5. Sharing is done using standard SMB protocols, which are the same for Mac and Windows. The share is mapped to a network drive that shows up as a drive in Windows 10 straight away when starting up Windows.

@DavidRutten mentioned in the old thread that it might have to do with trying to load asynchronously, but we code using vvvv as well and there I load files from the server asynchronously all the time without issue and at super high speeds.

So it must be something that is a) specific to the way Grasshopper loads files and b) specific to our network setup, since its the same on all our machines. Weirdly it works fine literally in any other software.