Reading exported .ai files in vector editors other than Illustrator

i would believe there are even some people still working on it, but most certainly the old ai format is not needed usually. its just that here in rhino we are stuck with it, it seems the only exception to the ever increasing format development.

I use Rhino’s WMF all the time to get 2D vector drawings and graphs into PowerPoint and Word…

Hehehe - ok. I don’t think I used it for the last 15 years of graphics work - but I don’t use PP or Word either.



Well, most 3D software I use can only open the old AI/EPS actually (for instance Lightwave 3D) so I often need to export to Illustrator 8…

But yeah, updating to a current AI format and including a proper SVG export makes definitely sense.



for 3d yes, also c4d for example, but most modern layout graphic apps cant do much with the old file.

Same problem here. I use Affinity and am unable to import Rhino’s ai. I got rid of Illustrator a couple of years ago. Good riddance.
The PDFs produced via print on the Mac are pixelized. Useless…
I need to feed a CNC cutter. How can I do that out of Rhino? If unable, I may try another 3D application. I’m only in my Rhino trial. I like it, but without CNC cutting, it’s no use to me.

i have a lot of components CNC machined from my Rhino drawings, I find exporting to DXF or DWG suits me, I out source this work and the guys who do the machining have never had a problem with my files in their CAM software

You have to enter layout mode and print the page.

Be sure to set vector as the output variant.