Reading Elefront TextObjects in Visual Studio

I am able to read in Elefront TextObjects from the Grasshopper C# Component just fine, by doing this
Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity goo = x as Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity;
But when trying to read in Elefront TextObjects in Visual Studio, I find that upon debugging, it tells me the Object type is Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.IGH_Goo{Elefront.ElefrontText}.
Is there a way i can extract a regular textEntity from this? (I’m operating under the assumption that elefronttext inherits from it).

IGH_Goo is a non-generic interface, so that wouldn’t be associated with Elefront.ElefrontText.

GH_Goo<T> is an abstract generic class. If you have the latter, then you can probably access the underlying text object by accessing the Value property.

You can also try and call the CastTo() method on IGH_Goo, but whether or not that works depends on the developer who implemented that elefront goo type.