Reading a c++ rhp plugin for R4

Hi everyone, I’ve been searching in the forum about this one but wasn’t able to unearth anything. I’m working on a Catmul Clarke python script and have a c++ plugin written by Erik Thorson for R4, I am trying to get into it to read the code but I can’t find away of accessing the c++, I only get garbled characters when opening up in eclipse etc. Any advice on this please would be really appreciated.

I suspect that what you have from Mr. Thorson is a compiled plugin, which is basically a dll. Unlike RhinoScript and Python, where the source code “is the program”, plugins written in C++, C#, VB are compiled into dll’s and normally are not provided with the source code. Perhaps you can track down Mr. Thorson and ask if he will share the source.

Thanks for he reply AIW and shining a light on this, I’ll try and contact Erik.