Read text from pdf

can someone help me with reading the pdf text via grasshopper? ultimately my goal is to add this text to Revit drafting view, i know the process of adding text to Revit via rhino inside Revit, however i am struggling to read the text from pdf via GH

Assuming the text in your pdf is vectorial and not raster, you can import your pdf to a rhino document (even via scripting) and look for text type geometry from the imported ones.

Thank you for the reply, The PDF is imported as follows and I need to read the text via GH, what component should be used in GH?


Use the eleFront Reference by Type, filter as needed.

A Value List will auto populate with the options when a [ ] input is available in Elefront components.


Great…!! The component is reading the Text input, just wondering how to read the exact text value from the PDF?

In Rhino 8 WIP you can import like so…

*Note that this was a PDF created from an Excel Table. Raster created PDF will need to go through an OCR process first.

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Great , thank you for your help @Japhy @maje90