Read "Style Parameters" and their Category in Grasshopper

It is possible to read a VARQ object’s Style in Grasshopper.
It is possible to Get a Property Value and also all Property Names (so an user can find and choose a relevant Value)

*Is it possible for Grasshopper to read the Category (item 1 below) that the Property Name is organized under? It would also be helpful to know the Data Type (ie: text, integer, Boolean, etc)

I think I want a ‘Deconstruct Parameter’ component, or additional outputs on the ‘Deconstruct (Space) Style’ component that would list the Name (0), Category (1), Parameters (2), and Values used (3) by objects assigned to that Style.

My end goal is to Create a set of VARQ Styles and their Properties, define Values via a data list of Elefront object Keys & Values, then export the VARQ object as IFC with the relevant data inside.

Hello @kevin3,

This is already possible. Here you have an example of how to get all that information:

Deconstruct (11.1 KB)

You make it look so easy.

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