Read MatrixGold file by python

Hey there, I use MatrixGold, I want to read the file .3dm or any extension by python or any programming language.

I tried to read .ghx by python and it worked, but when I tried to export my design as .gh or .ghx but not allowed in export, Just allowed in import.

Can I add this .ghx extension to the exporter list, or can I read the file in some programming language?

Or If we have a plugin to help me.

The last result that I want to achieve is converting the file to JSON parameters.

Any answer?

Hi -

You’ll want to contact Stuller about information about API access to the file format.
And I wouldn’t necessarily expect an answer on a Sunday…

.3dm is the native format for Rhino. I’m not sure how that interacts with MatrixGold.

Yes, thanks.

.gh and .ghx are Grasshopper file formats. I’m not sure how that interacts with MatrixGold…

Lol, I should’ve replied to Ammar. I would never presume to tell yourself or anyone else at McNeel something as simple as that Wim.
MatrixGold users however, may not be aware of such things we take for granted.

Hi James -

Sorry for the confusion here. The way I read it, you did. I was merely thanking you for drawing my attention a bit closer to the original post that I was a bit too quick to read the first time around. I see how my reply to you can be seen as me being a smart aleck. Sorry!


No worries Wim. Have a lovely afternoon.

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