Read layers from file that is not the active document

Can I read the layers from a Rhino file on disk that I have not open? It doesn’t appear that any of the components like geometry pipeline, Human’s Layer table, Elefront reference by layer, etc. can do this.

Ideally, I want to just read a file so I can write specific layers to a Revit family file. So opening each document would be a bit too cumbersome to process, because I may need to update the files at a later stage.

Nevermind, I should use Human’s Read 3dm file.

Hi @Intuos the v5 version of eleFront for R7 allows you to reference from external files. Using “insert parameter” you can add a file path or file paths.


The context menu also allows you to bring the the geometry as “Ghost Geometry”, which allows you to bring in a lot of stuff but keep your memory footprint down


You can read about ghost geometry here:

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Now it makes sense why I saw eleFront legacy being mentioned. Thanks for the headsup!

If one requires a native solution, a small script should do it:

200810_Foo_00.3dm (57.1 KB) (4.7 KB)

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Hi -

Perhaps I’m missing an important part of this issue…
That seems to work with default components:


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Hi @wim,
You are right, I used the read file component instead of the import 3dm.