Read Butterfly probe field information and apply to Quelea (or other particles)?

Hi All!

Where do leaves collect? Where do snowdrifts form?

I’m working on creating a fluid flow definition with (semi-)realistic particle interactions. The idea is to take a generic geometry, find the fluid flow by doing CFD, and then introduce particles into the system to see where they collect under the influence of gravitational and fluid forces.

For the fluid flow, I have OpenFoam working through Ladybug + Butterfly (yay!) with probes located at all the mesh points measuring velocity and pressure fields. I am trying to get Quelea working for the particles, but so far, they are just two non-interacting systems. I would like to set the particle velocity from the Butterfly field data but am so far unable to get the Quelea agents to sense the mesh points field information.

A box environment makes the most sense because a poly surface environment for the Quelea causes problems since the OpenFoam blockMesh and snappyHexMesh are highly complex despite simplification and welds.

I can get the mesh points to show and do calculations with vectors just fine; it’s the particle interaction that I’m having trouble with, perhaps Quelea isn’t even a good approach. Any simulations with particles interacting with vector fields would probably work.

Here is a simplified version of the wind tunnel for anyone that has Butterfly up and running. I hope it helps to clarify things. wind tunnel - (443.3 KB) Everything works right up to particle interactions, then it grows pretty chaotic, and I decided to ask for help…(feeling like a noob :slight_smile: ).

Any thoughts or guidance would mean the world. If you see ways to streamline or speed things up, I would appreciate those insights as well.
Thank you,