Reactive component not working right/ Data conversion failed from Integer to Vector?

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to grasshopper and I am still trying to get my head around things. I have been trying to make a similar version of the Al Bahr Tower in Abu Dhabi, but in a different shape and I had encountered few issues that I do not know how to resolve, and I was hoping to find some help here.

There are three issues with my code that I know of and I have no idea how to fix:

  1. Data conversion failed from Integer to Vector
  2. Insufficient vertices to create a mesh
  3. The vector normal for the second set of triangles is wrong

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thank you!

Here is my code: (504.4 KB)

I can answer your first question. Simply you should add the direction you want to move your geometry (x,y,z axis) by using unitx, unity or unitz accordingly.

oh, thank you!

Is this idea useful for you?
I got the normal from the surface (471.9 KB)