Re-upload model refused by server


My model has always been approved by the server and my application is running on its ticket,
The server refused the file in the computation, after adding a section for IFC export using GeomGym licensed in my grasshopper definition, my model reference is the following ; (Ref: ce687387-c9d1-4b30-b6bf-46af37e7a834)

Thank you in advance,

Looking forward,


Can you please check that

  • you updated your GeometryGym license in Rhino with the ggIFCZZLicenseUpdate command
  • the ggIFC SignDocument has a valid signature in your Grasshopper definition

Let me know if you still have issues with the model upload.

Hi Pavol thank you for replying on my issue, well i just updated the license from rhino cmd, but the comoponent is still displayin invalid,

Looking forward

Can you update the component? Simply plug in the button and click it to refresh. The outputs should show the name of the Grasshopper definition and a new hash.

Updated but crashed, does it matter where the license.xml lives in which folder or no?
I have it in C:\Program Files\Geometry Gym\Rhino3d