Re-upload but keep Backend Keys

Are you planning on having a way to re-upload or rather “update” a file on Shapediver where it actually overwrites the old file and keeps the backend access and export IDs the same?

Obviously, at least in the early stages, there are tons of revisions to files and it gets so cluttered in the dashboard of Shapediver. We have to constantly delete old versions, but kind of remember which ones are being used somewhere.

Adding to that the backend access key, as well as the export IDs, always have to be updated on the other end and it would be great if we could actually just update a file without always having to update the API key in other places. We actually have to keep an Excel file now just to keep track of the backend access codes and export IDs.

Also it would be nice if in the Shapediver dashboard there was some way to organise stuff in folders/projects. It makes no sense to have everything in one hierarchy level, but should be another level for organisation.

There will be a way to update online models from the first release of the new platform. Our plans are to extend this feature to proper versioning later next year, with the ability to navigate versions and even get back the definitions corresponding to old versions locally.

A folder structure for the assets in the dashboard is also in the backlog, albeit somewhat later.

Hi @mathieu1 ,
what of those requested features are already available?
It seems like not everything is implemented now. Am I right?

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I have the same question. The new platform has been online for quite a while now. Any updates on this very important topic?

Our documentation is lagging a bit behind, we will prioritize documenting the use cases which apply to you. @seltzdesign @sebastian6 are both of you using backend access?

Yes. I was using backend access key so far.

Yes, same here. We are using only backend access.