Re-render a Small Portion of a Large Brazil Rendering

Is there a way to re-render a small portion of a large Brazil rendering. I’m currently creating textures and rendering @ 5000 X 1900. I have many to do and it is working out nice creating the ambient occlusion that is needed for the textures. When finished I save as a Rhino Render Image as well as the various toned png images… It would be nice to be able to re-render a small portion of the main image as I add details moving forward…

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renderblowup works

Cheers jahn

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Hi Jahn, you disturbed the crickets… Thanks for the reply… I’m not familiar with renderblowup, can you tell me about it?

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If you have a render set but you want to just redo a small portion after type in renderblowup window around the area and presto it will rerender that part at the preset resolution

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Thank You Juan
I knew it had to be there somewhere, I used the same basic feature in Flamingo 15 years ago, I just wasn’t wording it right in the Rhino Help Search.

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