Re: Paneling tools- Tagging with Serial Data

I’m interested in using the paneling tools, but also label each panel. I’ve tried the Tag with serialized data. But I actually don’t need to place tabs or label the edges. I need to label each panel with our system of serialized part number.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Use “_ptSerializeObjectsName”. It probably is what you are looking for.
Let me know if you need further help.

Thanks Rajaa!

I will explore that!
2- Is there also a way to auto label the coordinates of say the lower left extent of the panels?
3- Is the label meta data, or CAD geometry?

Thanks for your help. much appreciated.


Hi Evan,
The PT manual have some details, but to answer your questions, yes there is an option to label based on the coordinate location of the panels. The label is basically an “object name” for the panel, which you can easily view, export, etc. If you need it as CAD geometry, use (_ptTagObjects) command to turn object names into dot or text on the panels.

Awsome! Thanks Rajaa, I will be in touch, as this is huge & helpful.

Hi Rajaa,
We’re liking what we see regarding the object naming, thanks for quick reply on that.
I’d like to get a sense of what it would take for us to customize the tool so that we can use our naming conventions. Is that something we could ask of you? If so, email me directly to discuss.


Hi Evan,
You sure can ask. Please email me what you need and I will have a better idea what it will take.