Re-organising the tree

Can’t figure out this one:
how to reorganise the tree branches into new structure that follow the random pattern above.
Neither sift nor gate stream helps here. I could use a add prefix from Tree Frog but I am trying to solve this puzzle with native elements.

In this case, the 10 branches needs to be distributed into 4 (or less, according to the pattern) gates.
Nevermind, I figured it out. Sift works fine, just puts empty branches.

Why don’t you use List Item?

I hade a moment of brain freeze. I am laughing at myself now.

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I know…happens to me often

It’s not funny in my age :sweat_smile:

similar to this topic

If @Toto s answers fit - please @Piotr mark it as solutions - so others don t need to dig in.
happy spaghetti - kind regards - tom