Re-order vertices of mesh naked edges

Hi everyone,

I want to re-order the vertices of the naked edges of a mesh, i.e. follow the continuity of the edges.

If I do so, I could easyly create quads and close the mesh along all the edge, after offsetting it as in the example attached. (34.8 KB)

any recommendations?

Like this?

There are also the offset and thicken components in Weaverbird which make this even easier:

It doesn’t have an option to thicken to both sides, but you can offset in one direction then thicken twice that distance in the opposite direction to get around this.

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Exactly like that! I guess it was easier than I thought working with the edges rather than the vertices. Thanks Daniel.

Regarding Weavebird’s thicken… the problem as you pointed out is that you cant offset to both sides… so I was trying to thicken both sides and then boolean them, with very erratic and slow results, specially for bigger and more complex meshes. It never occured to me to offset the surface before thicken it up!

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