Re-order attribute list according to a specific list order

Hi guys

I gat several time the same problem, I receive a list of different information as user attribute or other and want to re-order it a speficic way.

i’am doing it using “text match” and dispatch, but it’s don’t adapte itself easelly depending the list.

the way I’am doing it, if i have 2 value I have to create 2 text match and 2 dispatch, if i have 8 value I have to create 8 text match and 8 dispatch, and merge the result
I’am pretty sure it 'is possible to do it with only one text match using a smart graft or some other tricky “expression” or maybe a different tool…

thanks for help : (19.6 KB) (12.9 KB)

“Member Index” does the trick.