Re-fold faces back over brep

Hey Guys,
Having trouble at refolding an unrolled surface back over a brep- I’am very bad with managing planes/frames. I would be great if normals of all surfaces are unaltered- As i would do pattern over these extrude them later.
Any help is deeply (50.9 KB)

Guys! Anyluck with orienting back the faces?

You can evaluate the surfaces to obtain frames. Then with “orient” you get the transformation that you need.

See if this helps: (50.7 KB)

Dear Ricardo.
Appreciate the prompt response. The solution you posted seems to work on your file-but not when I copy/pasteyour solution over to my file-I wonder why. The problem is after unroll I trim the surfaces further,so the mid point isn’t the same.Found a donkey way to this. Since the files are internal unable to share them over the forum.
PS interesting approach on projecting curves over brep.

Mr A.