Re-creating a mesh generated from a Point Cloud

Hi All:

I am looking for some training. Currently I use the Mesh From Points command on a point cloud of about a million points to generate a mesh of a car interior or exterior… I then use 3D Coat to apply a new mesh on top of the Rhino mesh using larger quads to reduce the face count to approx 5000 triangle faces when complete. (Down from 300,000 or so). If I use the Rhino command “Reduce Mesh” I lose details such as windows or hard body lines. I am looking for someone who can teach me how to take the Rhino mesh and effectively generate a new mesh of about 5000 polygons, using Rhino. I do not want to learn yet another program like 3dmax etc. I live in Windsor, ON Canada and can travel if needed.



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Hey John,

I feel your pain. When I first started out using pointclouds, it was a headache trying to generate meshes and still keep the details.

Have you considered using Tsplines to create a model then generating a mesh from that. I find that to yield better results. I’ve modeled vehicle exteriors and interiors using Tsplines in the past and it does generate better models. Post up a picture of your data.

You may be successful using the plug-in for Rhino called Evolute T.MAP - it can re-mesh to quads or triangles starting from a finer triangle mesh obtained from e.g. a point cloud or Rhino’s Mesh command.