RDK Scripting

hi @andy

I was looking at the RDK Scripting Guide from 2009: http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/rdkrhinoscripting
Since now RDK is a part of Rhino 5 install, was there any development of the scripting methods for RDK?
(for example exposing Skylight or more advanced material properties handling, etc.). I don’t see any way to do so with Macros/Scripting.



@johnc is this something you can help with?


I’m afraid the answer is that nothing has really changed since that document when it comes to VB scripting. I would advise you to use Python if possible, which has much better access to this kind of functionality.

There is macro support - using “-DocumentProperties Rendering”, but that’s not totally complete either. This stuff has already undergone a big improvement in V6, and we hope to improve the scripting there too.

  • Andy