RC2 slowdowns during long sessions

Continuing the discussion from RC1 slowdowns during long sessions:

Yes, that’s RC2. So, you are changing material color, not object color? You are going into the Material Editor and changing the color? You say you are certain it happens without using the Material Editor?

About visualisation, something that I do a lot is switching between shaded wireframe and rendered view.

Interesting. How many hours does it take for the memory footprint to grow huge? Are the models huge (huge is subjective, I know, so: above 200 MB?)

Anyone else seeing this in RC2?

Today I have modeled for about 6 hours without changing any material in the Material Editor and rebooted because it became too sluggish. I was not aware object colours can still be changed as how it was done before? Or do you mean the layer colour?

The file is pretty large, 250 MB. Have worked on larger files before though with lots of paneling tools data without these problems.

I was just trying to suss out what you meant my color changes…I understand that you meant material color (as opposed to changing an object’s Display Color. Object Properties > Basic > Display color > Custom > etc.) Ok, I’m clear now, thanks.

Hmmmmm. I know you posted your launchd memory stats before. I see you are still on Mavericks. Right now, I’m really wondering if that is part of the issue.

I will see if it also occurs on my laptop which runs on Yosemite.

Thanks. This is just one of those “best tested in the wild” things. Do let us know if it happens on Yosemite 10.10.3.

I’m running 10.10.3, and RC2’s memory usage has been stable all week. So far, so good.