RC + Resthopper timing out on big processing tasks

Hi guys,

We were testing on Friday sending some large data chunks to be processed by RC+Resthopper. We tested notching up the amount of data until we found that at a specific point the process broke with a timeout exception.

Is there any setting that we can tweak to increase it or manage this issue differently?

I have found some timeout settings in the RC source regarding HostFactory, but I’m not sure if they are directly related to this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Update: waiting time that triggers the timeout is 100sec or around it.


Compute uses nancyfx in a stand alone console app. There is probably a timeout setting in either nancyfx or the .net framework itself that you could adjust. Another alternative would be to have a separate storage location that you could publish results to and have compute immediately return a url that your client could poll for the results.