RC: ClippingPlanes via DisplayConduit


I cannot see if it is possible to create a Clipping Plane via Display Conduit.
I don’t want to add Clipping Plane to the document but to add and operate it within Conduit/RC.

Any hint would be of help?


Currently, you can only turn on/off the clipping planes in your conduit through the EnableClippingPlanes function. It shouldn’t be too hard to add additional clipping plane support from within a conduit. Can you explain a little more about what you are trying to do so I can make sure to type things up the right way? Thanks

Hi @stevebaer

As you mentioned - you can currently turn clipping planes off and on. Buy they need to be added to the document first. Correct?
I am looking for the functionality, when for example, I can use few sliders in GH to manipulate position of the clipping planes, but not to add those to the document.
Hopefully, it is a bit more clear now.


Added to the list: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-44070

Clipping plane manipulation should be available on the DisplayPipeline class in SR3 with AddClippingPlane and RemoveClippingPlane functions

Great news!
Thanks, @stevebaer

Will check and revert.

Hi, I’m looking for functions AddClippingPlane and RemoveClippingPlane in the sdk but don’t find them. Are they members of CRhinoDisplayPipeline?


This is part of the DisplayPipeline class in .NET

Are you looking for a C++ version? If so, this is on CRhinoDisplayEngine

Great! Thank you Steve.