Raytracing GPU utilisation very low

Hi there,

A friend and I were doing some comparable testing with raytracing between his new RTX3070 and my GTX1070 to see the rendering times.

This is the file we used:
raytrace-test.3dm (1.7 MB)
And these were the settings we used

On the render test (we have similar intel CPUs); both running new rhino 7 versions, his card was around 2.25x quicker for an exact same resolution render with same cycle quantity.

The issue we were wondering about was why the GPU utilisation was only 4% or 5% for either of our cards?



Perhaps it was the low complexity of the file. So with a far far larger (1.1gb) file with materials, textures skylight and sun, I started to raytrace; but still only saw an average of between 8-10% utilisation of the ‘3D’ component.

Is this normal? Or maybe I have some settings wrong?


“3D” measures Opengl/directX sort of stuff, you’re not looking at the right graph. Look at “compute” or “CUDA”

@jdelavaulx as @JimCarruthers says. You can do that in your task manager like so:

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Thanks mate. I am a noob with this type of thing, and now the cuda is showing 91% utilisation…

Cheers so much