Raytraced View Capture To File different than Viewport

I know was a typo

Well anyways, thanks for your help up until know… I’m going to see if my peers encounter the same problem

Do let me know! And if you think of actions you are taking that could influence this let me also know, please.

I have some issues with Viewcapturetofile and raytraced = there are no shadows. Reflections seem to be missing to.

I only have one raytraced display version.

Shadows in viewport.

None in image export.

Make sure you have a raytraced viewport active before starting the capture. Reflections missing sounds like Rendered viewport being captured.

100% I started the view capture in raytrace mode. Set the raytrace to 50 cycles, as a preview, and then tried to run the viewcapture…

That works just fine here with Rhino 7.

Not sure why you want to do a view capture though, just use _Render, @arcade.smith

Hi Nathan, thanks, I will do that, and makes sense, thankyou.