Raytraced scales dimensions different from geometry

Hi forum, I can’t provide the file , but in raytraced mode having geometry and dimensions. Dimensions change scale according to zooming model in and out . Maybe it is a fluke, if I can row at it in Smith Er file, I will send in. —- Mark

Hi Mark - I’m not seeing that here. A reproducible sample would be nice, yes.

I am using Vray as a plug-in . Maybe that is part of it. I am getting to have the problem in Vray interactiveto forum scale.3dm (228.8 KB) try this in raytraced. thank you

funny thing also .I closed the file and it didn’t ask me to save.Using v6 latest src

Just to be sure: did you make any changes since you opened it?

AIW, I sent the file in to look at. When I zoom in and out , the geometry and dimensions scale at different rates in raytraced mode. That’s what I see. —-Mark

Sorry, I am unable to repeat what you’re describing.
I’m in V6, SR31 (in house build), in a Raytraced display.
Zooming in and out acts just exactly as I would expect.
Everything is changing together.
I do not have V-Ray