Raytraced mode ignores environment settings

I have trouble adjusting the HDRI settings for Cycles Rendered mode. Are they ignored?

Cycles seems to flat in many scenarios and I want to adjust both the intensity and the gamma to get a better contrast, but I have a hard time getting a good result.

I’ll make some illustrations soon.

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If I adjust the environment the render updates. But when I make a new environment, set the new to active and disables the settings from the default then rhino ignores settings.

Here I added the Dublin Studio and sat the intensity to 200!

And here I deleted both environments, added a new “dublin studio” and also right clicked and sat it as “custom reflective” and “custom lighting” and still it ignores the settings:

(note intensity is now sat at 0.1, so it should be dark. Why it is brighter than 1 I do not know)

I’m unable to reproduce this in the build of the day here so far following your steps. It might be something @nathanletwory has already fixed. Let us know if it’s still happening in the next public WIP please.

Hi guys,
The environment intensity is still ignored.

I filed a bug for this a few days ago: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-39625

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I had similar issues. Renderings are just flat - like @Holo described. I tried so much in order to get higher contrast, colors more intense and popping but I wasn’t able to get a satisfying result. It is was so frustrating! Please do something about this.
Environment intensity still ignored in WIP 2017-Jun-13

Indeed, because I haven’t managed to tackle this yet.

As always you can find my entire todo list here, and what currently is necessary for 6.0 here

@nathanletwory how on earth will you be able to takle all these issues by yourself? You are the only developer dedicated to the cycles integration? I think you do a GREAT job but I have the impression the whole thing is just too much for one guy.
Suggestion to Mcneel: get some help for nathan and hire a second cycles dev.