Raytraced capture to file, buggy, sloppy

something is wrong with the capture to file method combined with raytraced. I switch the the desired viewport to raytraced and then go to capture to file (btw it is really annoying, that when using the upper left dropdown from a viewport, rhino often switches to one of the first menu items without user input/ mouse click) and there I specify the amount of passes. but the progress bar takes ages, barely moving at all. but when i cancel, raytraced has progressed in the viewport. when I manually pause raytraced viewport and then do the capture to file, the progress bar crunches through as expected. something is wrong since last Wednesday here.

it is a bit confusing anyway. when you have had running raytraced for some time and then go to the capture to file menu and see that you have to specify a number of passes although you are good already - that is strange UI/UX.
wouldn’t it be better if you go to the capture-to file menu and then there via dropdown be able to specify the display mode you wanna capture. then if raytraced is chosen, the samples can be set. all seems to be a bit sloppy cobbled together.
hope this is not how you plan to ship it with r6