Raytraced, blocks access to panels while rendering

Hi @nathanletwory can you please revisit how Raytraced blocks different panels while calculating?

I am working with some illustrations where I need to set the focal blur, but when I go to that panel while Raytraced is doing it’s thing then I can’t adjust the stuff. Either “blur” isn’t showing up, or it shows up but with no radiobuttons toggled, or if I update the data then nothing happens. So I have to turn off and turn on Raytraced again. (Which is a slow and rather annoying workflow)


Raytraced isn’t blocking anything - on purpose anyway. But we haven’t found yet why the message pump starts malfunctioning like that when Raytraced is active. All Raytraced does when it is running is tell the display pipeline to update the viewport by setting a boolean flag.

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I have to say I haven’t heard before of Raytraced messing with contents of panels, or panels not showing up. The case I know of is dialogs like the color picker that appear behind Rhino (but pressing alt then brings it forward).

Ah, ok I see this happens on large files with linked blockes in them.
So maybe only when things becomes big enough and slow enough.

Please see if you can reproduce it as I can not send you this file.


Thanks, that was a handy trick. That bug has caused me to turn on and off Raytraced a lot, but I see it still struggels to update the adjusted colors though.