Raytraced and properties tabs

Just came across this as I was typing a new post, but its the same issue.

Did this ever get fixed. On youtrack it says it was fixed, but I just updated to 6.15 on Windows and its still an issue.

When raytraced is selected the properties tab does not update. Switching to a different display mode makes the properties reappear.

So did it simply not actually get fixed or did the bug reappear?

Thanks for clarifying.

If you have some items close together and it would normally show the selection menu (which is not shown in raytraced, it just selects something you click on), then when switching back to for example shaded you will have all the selection menus that would have appeared all of a sudden show up one after another after switching mode. Really weird.

I can provide video if you want.

Moved these to a new topic, since this is no longer WIP.

Can you please spell out the steps you take to see this behavior?

I cannot spell out the steps, but it is definitely happening in this file. I just recorded a video, its probably the easiest way to show it.

I just played around with it more and noticed that it is related to my Grasshopper file. If Grasshopper is not loaded it works as expected in Raytraced mode, but as soon as I open my grasshopper script it stops working.

So I finally narrowed it down and its a single Custom Preview node that is causing it.

I also noticed that it only happens when there are a lot of objects both in the custom preview and in the scene. Once you reduce the number of objects in the scene you notice that it in fact is not breaking it and not showing the selection in properties, but it just takes a long time and if there are a lot of objects it takes so long that it appears broken.

It would appear therefore that some process is happening in the background that gets incredibly slow once a custom preview component is involved. Note that all objects are just boxes though, so something is definitely wrong.

Take a look what happens:


break_raytraced.3dm (1.8 MB) break_raytraced.gh (4.9 MB)