Ratio Volume/Mesh

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sorry for the “strange” question for experts/developers

I wanted to ask if there is an adequate ratio of an object between its volume and the amount of Mesh faces?

ex: I measure the volume of an object that has n Mesh faces, and based on its ratio I check if there are many faces and therefore I can reduce the quantity, or if otherwise I end up with a low quality Mesh. Thanks.

First, the more natural ratio would be the ratio of surface area to number of mesh faces, which would be the same as the average area of the mesh faces. The square root of that ratio would be an “average” dimension of a mesh face. This could be compared to an average size of the object. Set a target for the ratio of the average size of the object to the average dimension of the mesh face, square that ratio and the result will be a target for total number of mesh faces.

The size and number of mesh faces needed to accurately represent an object depends, and the amount of detail to be modeled. At one end is a simple rectilinear block which can be represented exactly by 6 mesh faces. Something like a complex sculpture with a lot of detail will need many orders of magnitude more mesh faces to have all the detail represented accurately.

thanks for reply @davidcockey

What would the “minimum acceptable” ratio that you also mentioned be?

your explanation is along the same lines as what I intended to do,
a small practical example would also be needed.

There is not a universal “minimum acceptable” ratio or similar.

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I think his reasoning was wrong, I can have a gigantic flat srf in the end it can be created with just one Mesh face, whereas a small closed object needs many faces for the curves. :+1: