Raster PDF - Import Like JPG

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that even though the below dialog distinction is made between a .JPG/PNG and PDF(vector)/DXF file, the same cannot be said for a PDF(raster) which contains pixels (e.g. a flatbed scan). Could it be possible to make this distinction rather than me saving out a version of the raster PDF as JPG everytime?

rasters vectors

Hmmm yeah, I don’t know if it is easy to tell on drag and drop if the contents are raster. If you choose Import you’ll get a the pdf as a jpeg image texture on a plane, like Picture - is that not OK?


Hi Pascal, really sorry. You’re right. I recalled a few imports of raster PDF where I just got blank white. Can’t recreate now, pulled the trigger too soon clearly. Sorry about that.

If I can recreate again I’ll demonstrate.