RapidPro 2017 Tradeshow and Conference - March 7-9, Veldhoven (Netherlands)

RapidPro 2017
March 7-9
9.30 am to 17.00 pm
NH Conference Centre Koningshof
Booth 89
Veldhoven (Netherlands)

The 7th edition of RapidPro will take place from March 7 to 9 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

RapidPro is one of the most important fairs in Europe for the entire chain of Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Production and Rapid Product Development. RapidPro also offers a platform for organizations that focus on 3D printing for professionals.

The RapidPro exhibitors are manufactures, suppliers, design, consultancy and engineering firms and research institutions active in the areas of:

  • Addive Manufacturing
  • Rapid Tooling, Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • 3D printing and 3d measurement, scanning and digitizing
  • Modeling
  • Software
  • Raw materials, treatment and finishing
  • Vacuum and thermoforming techniques
  • Casting
  • Milling
  • Development and R&D Come visit Dutch Innovision Group (booth 89) to learn more about Rhino, RhinoGold and Clayoo.

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Posted Mar 02, 2017 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.