Randomly twisted frames using perp frames

Hi GH/Rhino community,

I have an issue using perp frames because randomly a plane rotates and the Brep is twisted, when I change the number of perp frames, randomly the location of the twisted plane change, I can’t use Align planes because it rotates the planes of all geometry and it affects my finite element analysis, also I don’t use perpendicular frames using a count of frames because I need to control the location of the frames. Could anyone give an idea of how to solve the problem of the randomly twisted frames please?

Attached show some figures showing the issue and the gh file, thanks.

per_frame_issue.gh (8.8 KB)

Hi Juan

It helps if you use divide curve for the parameters of the perp frames instead of selecting point and use them manually.
And if you do a loft instead of sweep it works.
There are ways to align frames to a certain direction, but they are tricky and the loft does it automatically. You can still play with the loft options to improve the result.

Kind regards, Stefan