Randomly delete tree item

I am modeling some facade panels that are made of smaller tiles. I am looking to array these panels to create the facade, but have each panel randomly missing 2 horizontally adjacent tiles that are not edge tiles. I’m not sure quite how to get inside of the tree for each panel that I’ve arrayed to delete two of the tiles. I’ve gotten the item numbers of acceptable tiles to delete down at the bottom to be randomly selected between but just need those to be deleted randomly for each instance of the panel that has been arrayed. Can anyone help?

Here is a sketch of the end goal

And what I have so far

Array.gh (12.1 KB)
Facade Grasshopper.3dm (5.6 MB)

Any ideas? Trying to get learn still how data trees work. Thanks

Try random Reduce
Array.gh (13.4 KB)

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Never knew that existed but helpful. Almost got it, but it is deleting the same two tiles in every panel, and I need random reduce to run once for every panel - so that each panel has a different pair of tiles missing. The light green in the picture are the ones missing - you can see they are the same in all of the tiles because random reduce is only occuring once.

Array.gh (21.1 KB)

Check this out
Array.gh (17.7 KB)

Not really - That deletes the proper tile numbers now, but is still putting in all of the arrayed tiles and deleting from them randomly. It needs to be two adjacent ones per larger Panel, as post #4, but a different selection to delete on each panel

Ah I figured it out - created a cull index with random numbers to delete the grouped pairs I made earlier. Here is the end result. Thanks for the help!

Array.gh (15.5 KB)