Randomizing parameters, need help

Hello friends,
I need help with my term paper. I made a design. But I need to generate 512 variations by changing various parameters. I will put my design in the attachment file for you. The parameters I want to change are “floor number”, “domain start” and radius. I would be very happy if you could solve the problem and throw it away. Thank you. Btw I need to say, I am really newbie at GH
RandomPoints.gh (10.1 KB)

it is really urgent for me guys, need help. Thanks

Try the random component.

You’re not specifying which ‘parameters’ must be varied.

Here’s an approach that can help you get started:
RandomPoints_01.gh (15.3 KB)

Notice I didn’t vary rectangle sizes.

Check how you’d determine the variations needed for rectangle sizes at each point location - perhaps borrowing from the approach creating the point sets in the first place.

Also notice how the series component has no variety for the ‘count’ (C) input, implying it could also be varied so each column of points has its own quantity.


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