Random 'Voids' in a surface with use of attractor point

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Random ‘Voids’ in a surface with use of attractor point


I have a curved surface wherein I’d like to have random ‘voids’ or holes which are controlled by an attractor point. The attractor point will serve as the basis on how many holes will have - closer to the point.

The closer to the point, the more the holes will be.

While going towards outside the point, i’d like the voids to be dispersing gradually, until it becomes whole again. So around 1/4 on the sides to have full surface, and 2/4 in the middle by the attractor point to have the holes.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you!

Even as a king, you need to provide a file, if you expect anybody to help you! It is considered a gesture of good will to appease the Grasshopper gods. Without sacrifice, you really can’t expect a miracle!

Hahahaahahahahha. Sure
See preogress, as attached.

holes.3dm (31.9 KB) holes.gh (4.7 KB)


Something like this?

holes2.gh (18.2 KB)


Thank you. Appreciated.

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