Random Rotation for List of Objects

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I am currently trying to populate a surface with a scale figure and give each figure a random rotation. I am able to get my figures center points and then place them randomly on a surface, but when rotating them I can only get them to rotate around one axis…Should I be using a different rotation command? Is there a better method for applying random rotation to objects that will be copied and moved?

Just to note too_ The scale figure is 3-4 breps that are working on one component.

rotateMePlease.3dm (545.1 KB)

Populator.gh (14.1 KB)

thanks in advance.

Like this?

Populator_re.gh (11.1 KB)

!! I’ve read a good amount of your responses on these forums, so happy to be graced with that doggos face.

yes, that works perfectly. So, I guess just so I understand what I was doing wrong, how does the grouping action help correct the issue? Wouldn’t maintaining the group with the rotation cause it to rotate as one full group?

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You could also have a look at scatter : http://www.food4rhino.com/app/scatter

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If I understand correctly it’s not the grouping but the origin of rotation that was the issue, groups in GH just help you easily deal with geometry ‘together’ and reduce the need of data tree management.

Here’s the minimal change to make to your original file for it to work:

ah! that helps clarify my misunderstanding. Thank you for your input!