Random reduce

I tried to create a curved wall from elements organized by a grid, and to subtract from them randomly.
I used the “randome reduce” tool to subtract, but it creates vertical lines within the wall and Boring pattern.
(photo is attached).

How can I create a more random and abstract subtraction?

I would also want to try to create a gradient within the wall, in which there will be more and less dens areas (and the edge of the wall will be dissolved).

elements wall.gh (19.4 KB)

Thank You!

you are feeding the random reduce component with 5 branches of data, and random removing 68 elements from each of them using the very same seed (very same reduction pattern)

by feeding as many -different- reduction seeds as the number of branches to be reduced, you will get the desired results

it can be done by using a grafted gene pool (but you will have to manually change the amount of genes depending on the number of branches you are reducing):

or by generating as many random seeds as the number of different branches to be reduced:

…and as everything in GH there might easily be much more elegant ways to get to the very same result :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!
Could you please tell me what is the name of the battery you added that you see in this photo?


The pink slider thing is called Gene Pool.
By the way most of the people call them Components.